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..You May Get Stung..

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January 31st, 2004

05:06 pm - Lines in the sand
Apparently I've become very adept at overstepping my bounds.

I appologize to everyone I've offended or involved.

I will not be journalling here until further notice.

Good bye.


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03:39 pm - Wish I could remember...
How to write one of these myself. I know it's all about syllables, but hell if I remember.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:sarusasori
Your haiku:times like this until
spring and then i'll probably
be down with the world
Created by Grahame

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02:51 pm - I want to be here eternally...
Yesterday's Female Romance Horoscope:
Don't waste a minute hanging onto regrets, as they will only weigh you down unnecessarily. The planetary constellation encourages you to let go of anything that is holding you back, and to take a positive step forward. You will attract a far better relationship if you can leave old emotional baggage out of the picture and focus instead on what you do want.

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11:18 am - Found more surveys
First bike: Pink/magenta/white huffy with a banana seat
First best friend(s): Rebecca Clark (I think)
First real memory of something: Driving home from the hospital after my tonsillectomy age 3
First car: '87 Ford Ranger STX
First date: Dunno
First kiss: Don't remember
First break-up: Asshole of the century either my Freshman or Sophomore year, don't remember.
First job: Michael's Frozen Custard
First screen name: Xphile80
First self purchased album: Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl
First funeral: Some random family member
First pet: Don't remember what it was, but it was in Kennedy Heights
First piercing/tattoo: Ears when I was 2, tattoo in April of 99
First independent home: Haven't been on my own, have had roomates
First house/flat/apartment: None of my own.
First credit card: Visa Check Card
First love: CNB (Cristina)
First enemy: Sarah Schmidt (i think)
First big trip: Madison, Wi to Titusville, Fl age 6
First play/musical/performance: some school concert 5th grade
First musician you remember hearing in your house: I don't know...Styx/Lynard Skynard/Starship
last good cry: The other night
last library book checked out: I'm not welcome there
last movie seen: Empire Records: Remix last night
last book read: The Message (reading currently)
last cuss word uttered: Fuck
last beverage drank: CapriSun orange dragonfruit
last food consumed: Popeyes Chicken last night about 7pm
last crush: Don't have crushes
last kiss: Cristy...couple of weeks ago.
last phone call: A Mr. Tom Giordino
last tv show watched: Voyager the other night
last time showered: Yesterday morning
last shoes worn: Grey Airwalks
last cd played: Richard Marx - Greatest Hits
last item bought: Chocolate milk
last downloaded: Don't remember, router messing up downloads right now
last annoyance: Work
last disappointment: Looked at the clock and it's no where near 7.
last soda drank: Diet Pepsi last night.
last word written: night.
last key used: backspace.
last word spoken: day.
last sleep: Before my alarm went off.
last im: James
last weird encounter: Max from school works here now.
last ice cream eaten: ???
last time amused: Yesterday at work.
last time wanting to die: Now now...not sharing that.
last time in love: Now.
last time hugged: Dunno. Maybe the other night with Amanda and Dee, but I'm not sure.
last chair sat in: The one at my cube.
last lipstick used: That was years ago...don't remember.
last shirt worn: Grey ribbed t-shirt and a purple/grey/white flannel.
last time dancing: Last time I went to club.
last webpage visited: Genie CSM

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10:29 am - Seven...
..deadly sins.

1. Who did you last get angry with?: Cristy
2. What is your weapon of choice?: Words
3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex?: Yes
4. How about of the same sex?: Yes
5. Who was the last person who got really angry at you?: Either Cristy or my mother.
6. What are your pet peeves?: No toilet paper, money not facing same way.
7. Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily?: Keep them. Indefinately.
Sloth.Gluttony.Lust.Greed.Pride.EnvyCollapse )

I'm at work, don't wanna be. But we're keeping it fairly steady with 1/4-1/2 of the pie blue. Paul isn't being too much of a tyrant, but then, we've only been here for an hour. I'm off to search for more surveys...I like them.

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